Based on the CrossFit prescription of “constantly varied functional movement executed at high intensity,” our CrossFit program combines strength training with the “classic” CrossFit cardio workout. In this class, the coach will lead you through a dynamic warmup and go over the movements in both the skill and the workout while providing a number of scaling/modification options for you. In CrossFit, you’ll always have a “skill” portion to work on prior to the cardio based workout. Everything is done in a group setting and led by one of our incredible coaches to ensure you’re staying safe and having a blast while doing it! 60min Class Olympic Weightlifting Power Lifting Cardio Based Movements Gymnastic Movements Modification options for everyone!

Sunshine City Crossfit LLC

SWEAT | SWEAT is a no-fuss, get-moving fitness class. In less than 60 minutes per day, SWEAT is suited to all levels, providing a great structured way to do some work and get the heart pumping! There are no barbells or high skill movements, just a workout to help you build CONSISTENCY in daily movement. Minimal equipment requirements means that athletes can join in no matter their fitness level.

Personal Training

HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT… I wish I could do double-unders in a workout. I want to be able to lift heavier. My low back always hurts. I’d love to be able to squat but my knees always hurt. I’ve always been stiff and it’s just how I am. It would be so cool to be able to do 1 pull-up. IF YOU’VE EVER CAUGHT YOURSELF THINKING ANY OF THESE THOUGHTS THEN WE’D LOVE TO CHAT. Just because you’ve always struggled with something doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be that way for the rest of your life. We don’t settle for mediocrity and we don’t believe you should either. DEMAND MORE OF YOUR WORKOUTS. DEMAND MORE OUT OF YOUR LIFE. Schedule a free no sweat intro and we will chat about your goals and see if personal training would be the best avenue for you. We’re kind of obsessed with getting people actionable results and cannot wait to see what is possible for you! The gym is the healthcare of the future.

Membership Options

Unlimited Membership

$ 87
every other week
  • No commitment or contracts, ever! (30 day cancelation policy)
  • Unlimited access to all of our programs: CrossFit, SWEAT and more!
  • Includes 4 Personal Training sessions for a seamless transition into CrossFit.

3x/week Membership

$ 74
every other week
  • No commitment or contracts, ever! (30 day cancelation policy)
  • 3 Classes per week to any of our programs: CrossFit, SWEAT and more!


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